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Contact us: Nicole Bidewell

849 Hilliers S  Qualicum Beach   V9K 1X5


Arrowsmith Independent Preschool offers discovery-based learning for children’s growth and development. We accomplish this through play and creative expression while allowing them to experience the outdoors and their natural world.


Their 'curriculum' includes painting, cooking, baking, seasonal crafting, fibre arts, weaving, gardening, and lots and lots of outdoor play and discovery. The children regularly hike to wooded areas, ponds, fields, and farms, and build their knowledge through their first-hand experiences with nature, classroom materials and through their relationships with peers and adults.

Dramatic Play
Interactive Circle Time
Outdoor Education
...and much more!

Parent Testimonials


"Arrowsmith Independent Preschool is a nurturing and creative environment for children. Nicole and her team are kind and patient. I feel so lucky to have my children be part of this community; their values are aligned with our family's."

C. Hoste

"Having my daughter attend Arrowsmith Independent Preschool was an experience that I will feel grateful for for a lifetime. My child was welcomed into a magical place where she was free to be absolutely anything she wanted (a fairy, a chef, an artist, a builder, an explorer...) and also a place that felt so much like an extension of home, that she could always be herself".

L. Kraus

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