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As a parent of a quick-witted and creative 9 year old, my Vision for Arrowsmith Independent School is exactly the same as my vision for my daughter: when she completes her school years, I want her to be confident, capable and resilient; to be able to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and dignity, and to do so with a clear head and a focused intention. I believe a child’s education and early years should prepare them for exactly that, and as a result, I chose to create for others the kind of school, and education program, that I wanted for my own child. 


Arrowsmith Independent School provides children with the standard BC Curriculum, but integrates so much more! We have the best BC certified teachers, along with Staff members who share our Values and Vision. And, our teachers are passionate about upholding Personal Development, Social Development and Intellectual Development into the daily lives of our students.


We offer Life skills to our students, like money management, problem-solving, managing emotions, building things, gardening and cooking. We offer a stellar music and art program that includes a major "theatrical" event each year, and all the while, we teach our students about self-regulation and how to manage the big emotions we all face sometimes. We integrate a lot of play time and social time into their daily routines; and we are technology-free. We believe students need these early years to learn and develop their social skills, and that they can 'catch-up' on technology at home or in high school.

As an Independent School, we are not restricted to limitations on how we teach, so our teachers have freedom to create engaging curriculum in small class sizes of no more than 15. This creates an intimate environment that allows us to get to know each child and to teach indoors or outdoors, depending on the subject (and weather!). Every student thrives. Every student is seen and heard and held accountable to do their personal best. 


On a final note, I am so pleased at the depth and diversity of experiences and growth that my daughter has had at Arrowsmith Independent School. We truly are making her childhood years count, and making an investment that will benefit her for many years to come. I hope you will join us on this journey!



Colleen Murray

Founder and Director

Arrowsmith Independent School & Preschool

Our Vision

From Preschool onward, our students are resilient, confident, and capable members of their community. They boldly pursue their lives as empowered, independent thinkers; helpful to others and strong in themselves. 

Our Mission

We facilitate a love of learning in a daily rhythm of personal and social discovery. We take a conscious approach to true intellectual development and provide a well-balanced, practical education, with skills for life, enriched with curiosity and self-discovery as internal motivators. 


We believe that a balanced education supports children to be well-rounded, self-motivated, and independent people. Our program teaches strong academics enhanced with practical life skills, independent thinking, community interaction, and self-care. 

Small Class Sizes
Mindfulness Learning
Hands-on Application of Concepts
Learning How To Be Your Best Self
Daily Adventures in Nature and Outdoors
Social, Emotional, & Intellectual Development


In order to create a positive learning environment at Arrowsmith Independent School, our students are expected to:

  • Be attentive and cooperative, and participate during lessons and school activities

  • Complete class work

  • Be responsible for homework

  • Be punctual for all lessons. Start time 8:30AM; Pick-up 3PM (12:30PM on Fridays)

  • Use respectful language and actions towards adults and fellow students

  • Use respectful actions towards school property and the property of others

  • Follow classroom rules

  • Participate in lawful and healthy activities

  • Seek the help of a teacher or staff member for assistance in solving problems

  • Not discuss or play out TV shows, electronic games or any other media at school

  • Keep electronics at home. They are not to be used at our school

  • Keep toys at home (except for a comfort stuffie if needed)

  • Avoid snacks or lunch foods that contain refined sugar and sweeteners. No candy, gum, or pop at school.

  • Avoid late nights, and ensure plenty of rest

  • Parents: please make an appointment with the teacher to discuss any issues in order to respect the teachers' and class times

​Consequences and solutions for misbehavior are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please see the Parent Handbook p.5 for more details. Please contact the office if you need more information about our school policies and procedures.

Emergency plan

Please click the tab below to access our school's Emergency Preparedness Plan

Computer and technology policy

Please click the tab below to access our school's Computer and Technology Policy

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